Basic Research

1. Introduction
1-1. PPT for granular mechanics
1-2. PPT for slope failure

2. Visualization exp.
2-1. LAT
2-2. Micro X-ray CT

3. Numerical simulation
3-1. DEM
3-2. SPH


4. Lunar Soil Mechanics

5. Slope Failure and Flow



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Geotech. Group

We welcome Ph.D. candidates who want to study:
*Mechanics of Granular Materials
*Planetary Geomechanics
*Advanced Experimental and Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
*Railway Engineering

Contact us for the information on MEXT scholarship or CSC scholarship.

We study the mechanics of GRANULAR MATERIALS including geomaterials, engineering powders, and others. We are developping new experimental and simulation techniques to understand and describe the complicated bulk behavior of such materials from grain scale behavior. Applications to various fields such as planetary science and environmental engineering are also our great concern.


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WHAT'S NEW (Last update: June 4, 2019)
  Keynote presentation was given in the workshop "Granular matter across scales" held in Lorentz center in Netherland.
Workshop website (Mar. 18-22, 2019)

  I visited Laboratoire 3SR in Grenoble for a week to work with Dr. Eddy Ando and Prof. Cino Viggiani.
Photos (Mar. 7-16, 2019)

  A talk entitled "Patterns of landforms: A numerical study of fluvial geomorphological processes" was given in PIG(Patterns in Geomechanics) conference in Sydney. Thanks Benjy and Itai for your hospitality!
Conference website (Jan. 29- Feb. 1, 2019)

  Prof. Md. Aftabur Rahman of CUET (Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology) invited me to ICACE2018 held in Chittagong for a keynote talk entitled "Particle-based numerical methods for various geotechnical engineering problems". Conference website Photos (Dec. 18-21, 2018)

  A disaster survey of 2018 Hokkaido Iburi earthquake was conducted. Photos (Oct. 16-17, 2018)

  We invited Prof. Rafi Blumenfeld of Cavendish Lab., University of Cambridge as a JSPS short-term invited researcher to work on Statistical Physics of Granular Solid. (Sept 9〜29, 2018)

  Special perspective lecture entitled "How can granular mechanics innovate soil mechanics textbook?" was given in 53th JGS annual meeting in Takamatsu.
Conference PosterLecture material (in Japanese)Article in Monthly Journal of JGS (Japanese Geotechnical Society), Dec, 2018. (2018/07/25)

  A talk entitled "Statistical granular mechanics approach toward distribution-based constitutive model" was given in Kumamoto workshop (Organizer: Prof. Jun Otani). (2018/06/11)

  We invited Dr. Eddy Ando of Laboratoire 3SR, Grenoble to work together on x-ray CT experiment and granular mechanics for three weeks. (2018/03/11-04/03)

  We invited Prof. Tirawat Boonyatee of Chulalongkorn University for his talk in TGSW2017. (2017/09/25)

  Prof. Anil Misra of University of Kansas visited us for research discussion. (2017/09/05-10)

  We held a one-day DEM (Discrete Element Method) course sponsored by JGS. (2017/09/01)

  A keynote lecture entitled "Fundamental research on Granular mechanics and its application into geomechanics" was given in Multi-physics seminar sponsored by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. Seminar website (2017/08/22 in Tokyo)

  A Keynote speech was given in Powders & Grains 2017 in Montpellier, France. The title of the talk was "The granular processes in planetary surfaces".
(2017/07/03-07 in Montpellier, France)

  Prior to Powders & Grains, I visited Prof. Katsuragi in Department of planetary science, Technical University of Braunschweig and gave a talk entitled "Evolution of grain size and shape in planetary surfaces".

  A keynote speech entitled "Constitutive modeling of granular geo-materials under high-speed impact" was given in 11th International Workshop on Bufurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials. Conference website
(2017/05/21-25 in Limassol, Cyprus)

  An invited talk entitled "Crushable granular system vs cohesive granular system" was given in the workshop "Non-Gaussian fluctuation and rheology in jammed matter" held in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (organized by Prof. Hisao Hawakawa).
Conference website
(2017/03/9-11 in YITP, Kyoto University)

  Prof. Li Qian of Chengdu University of Technology visited us in University of Tsukuba as an invited foreign researcher for one year. (2016/12/01-2017/12/01)

  Disaster survey of 2015 Nepal earthquake was carried out in the framework of JSPS grant (PI: Prof. Kazuo Konagai of Yokohama National University).

  An invited talk entitled "Why was Armstrong’s footprint so clear?" was given in the Workshop " Advancing Experimental Geomechanics" held in the suburbs of Sydney.

  Disaster survey of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake was carried out with the member of subcommittee "advanced soil stability analysis" of Nuclear civil engineering committee in JSCE.

  Prof. Anil Misra of Kansas state Univ. visited us to discuss on Micromechanics of granular materials. (2016/10/13〜17)

  Special lecture entitled "Planetary geomechanics" was given in ALERT geomaterials workshop in Aussois.

  Ms. Roberta Proia, Ph.D. student of University of Cassino spent three month in University of Tsukuba to work on Micromechanics of clay (Bentonite) together. (2016/09/20〜12/15)

  A talk entitled "Multidisciplinary approach towards the mitigation of geo-disasters" was given in TGSW(Tsukuba Global Science Week) 2016 (2016/09/19)

  A short talk was given in TC105 Japan session in JGS annual meeting in Okayama. (2016/09/13)

  We invited Prof. Rafi Blumenfeld of Cavendish Lab., University of Cambridge to work together on Statistical mechanics of Granular matter. (2016/07/08〜29)

  Mr. Reid Kawamoto, Ph.D. student of Caltech worked with us as a JSPS/NSF summer program student on Mechanics of irregularly-shaped grains assembly. (2016/06/21〜08/23)

  A presentation entitled "Micromechanics of Lunar Soil" was given in IMS-Chubu 2016 "New concepts and new developments in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering" The abstract is HERE
(2016/05/26-27 in Nagoya University, Nagoya)

  An invited talk was made in the international workshop: MTiG4 "Modern Trends in Geomechanics". The title is "MICROMECHANICAL ASPECTS OF NATURAL FORMATION PROCESS OF GEOLOGICAL GRAINS". The abstract is HERE
The workshop website is HERE (2016/05/16-18 in Assisi, Italy)

After the workshope, I was invited to University of Cassino by Prof. Giuseppe Modoni and gave a one-hour talk. The poster is HERE

  A short visit to NUDT (National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China) was made with Prof. Rafi Blumenfeld to give two lectures.

  A presentation entitled "Grain crushing and structural evolution of geomaterials under high pressure" was given in the international Workshop "Avalanches, plasticity, and nonlinear response in nonequilibrium solids (organized by Prof. Hisao Hayakawa of Kyoto University)" held in Yukawa memorial Hall of YITP (Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics), Kyoto University.
Conference website is HERE
(2016/03/7-9 in YITP, Kyoto University)

  An invited presentation was given in IWACOM-III(3rd International Wrokshop on Advances in Computational Mechanics). The abstract is HERE (2015/10/12-14, Tokyo)

  I co-organized with Prof. Matthew Kuhn MS02: Dr. Masao Satake Memorial Symposium on Granular Mechanics in EMI(Engineering Mechanics Institute) conference, ASCE.
Conference website is HERE (2015/06/16〜19)

  We invited Prof. Itai Einav of University of Sydney to have a collaborative research work. (2015/04/12〜28)

  I visited NUDT (National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China) with Prof. Rafi Blumenfeld, and gave two invited lectures. (2015/03/29〜04/01)

  We had Prof. Rafi Blumenfeld of Cavendish Lab. in Tsukuba as a short-term invited researcher of JSPS to perform a collaborative research on granular physics. (2015/03/14〜29)

  We had Prof. Jacques Desrues, Prof. Simon Salager and Ms. Ghonwa Khaddour of Laboratoire 3SR, Grenoble, France and Prof. Yosuke Higo of Kyoto University in Tsukuba, and organized a seminar on Geotechnical Engineering. (2015/03/12)

  I visited JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) in Kenya with Prof. Yamada, Prof. Takewaka, Prof. Yamamoto and Prof. Morio. (2015/3/5)

  A presentation entitled "Particle Grading Effect on Mechanical Properties of Lunar Soil Simulant FJS-1" was given in Earth and Space 2014 (organized by ASCE Aerospace division). The conference paper is HERE。 Conference web site is HERE。 (2014/10/27, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

  I co-organized a Mini-symposium MS6 Micro-geomechanics in 14IACMAG held in Kyoto. Ms. Ni Zhang and Ms. Alessandra M. Nakata of our lab gave talks. (2014/9/23)

  A key-note lecture entitled "Meso-scale structural characteristics of clay deposit studied by 2D Discrete Element Method" was given in IS-Cambridge. Conference web site isHERE
Photo with Prof. Schofield (2014/9/2)

  We won 2013 best paper award of applied mechanics committee, JSCE(Japan Society of Civil Eengineers). The paper title is "High speed projectile impact to sand deposit: Soil mechanics interpretation of Hugoniot equation of state (in Japanese)".

  A presentation entitled "Plastic compression of sands due to grain crushing under high pressure" was given in COMPSAFE 2014 conference in Sendai, Japan (2014/4/16). Conference website).

  I spent three weeks in Laboratoire 3SR, Universite Joseph Fourier to work with Prof. Cino Viggiani (2014/3/10-4/4).

  Our article entitled "Universal structural characteristics of granular packs" was published in Physical Review Letters (2014/3/24). In details).

  A presentation entitled "Granular mechanics in planetary science and engineering" was given in 18th ISSMGE conference in Paris (2013/9/5). Conference website).

check.gif A presentation entitled "Simulation of long-term erosion-sedimentation process using particle method" was given in the international workshop "Stratodynamics" in Nagasaki University (2013/8/30). In details).

check.gif A presentation entitled "Microstructural characteristics of planar granular solids" was given in Powders and Grains 2013 in Sydney (2013/7/19). Conference website).

check.gif A presentation entitled "Elementary volumes distribution in 2D granular solids" was given in the international workshop on Physics of Granular flows (Organizer: Prof. Hisao Hayakawa) at YITP, Kyoto University (2013/6/26). Workshop program).

check.gif Several lectures on granular mechanics were given in an advance school "Multiscale Mechanics fo Granular Materials" in Udine, Italy (2012/9/03-07). Flyer).

check.gif A research on structural characteristics of granular pack was presented in 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference held in Graz, Austria (2012/7/9-13). Conference site).

check.gif A research on structural characteristics of granular pack was presented at the international symposium on Discrete Element Modelling of Particulate Media held in University of Birmingham (2012/3/30-31). Conference program).

check.gif I stay in Cambridge, UK. from Aug. 2011 to Aug. 2012 as a visiting researcher in Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. I work on Granular physics with Dr. Rafi Blumenfeld.

  A paper on the surface regolith of asteroid Itokawa was published in Science. The first author is Prof. Akira Tsuchiyama of Osaka University. In details).

check.gif We organize a special lecture entitled "Recent activity on landslide disaster mitigation" on Dec. 13th in University of Tsukuba. (Click HERE in details (in Japanese))

check.gif We won a 2009 BEST PAPER AWARD of Journal of Aerospace Engineering, ASCE. (Click HERE in details.)

check.gif A simple micromechanics model for estimating shear strength of Mathane Hydrate (MH) sediment was presented in the 2nd Symposium on Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan organized by MH21 Research Consortium. (2010/12/2)

check.gif A micromechanical research on liquefied soil was presented in the international workshope entitled "Recent Progress in Physics of Dissipative Particles " held in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics ( YITP ), Kyoto University (2010/11/24-26).

check.gif A granular mechanics study using micro X-ray CT at SPring-8 was presented at The 1st international Workshop on X-ray CT Visualization for Socio-Cultural, Engineering, & Environmental Materials. (2010/11/18-19)

check.gif A research on the Image-based Dicrete Element simulation of real sand was presented in an internalational synposium IS-Shanghai 2010. (2010/10/10-12)

check.gif An invited presentation was made at a workshop PMEE(Particulate Mechanics in Extreme Environment) held in LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (2010/9/20-24)

check.gif A micromechanical constitutive model was presented at anual conference of EMI(Engineering Mechanics Institute) held in USC (University of Southern California). (2010/8/9-13)

check.gif A micromechanical research on shear band width in granular assembly was presented in WCCM(World Conference on Computational Mechanics)2010 held in Sydney, Australia. (2010/7/19-23)

check.gif Our paper entitled "Grain properties and bulk mechanical behavior of Lunar surface soil" was published in the Bulletin of the Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences, Vol. 19, No.2, 2010.
Click HERE to see the article (in Japanese) (2010/06)

check.gif Our laboratory had a new Brasilian research intern of Japanese extraction via JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency. (2010/4/19-2011/1/28)。

check.gif Our lab had a research seminar with Prof. Richard J. Bathurst of Royal Military College of Canada and Prof. Yoshihisa Miyata of National Defense Academy of Japan (2010/4/8)。

check.gif Our proposal entitled "Study on sedimentation process of Lunar surface soil based on grain characteristics" was accepted as the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (No. 22340158), JSPS. (2010.4)

check.gif A joint workshop on Landslide Disaster Mitigation between University of Tsukuba and Southwest Jiaotong University (2010/3/23)
We also went to the field survey on 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.

check.gif An invited presentation was made in Earth & Space 2010(Hawaii). (2010/3/15)

check.gif We had a special lecture on "Statistical Physics on Dissipative Particles" by Prof. Hisao Hayakawa of Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.
We also held a free discussion seminalr entitled "Physics of complicated fluid and its application on the next day. (2010/3/3-4)

check.gif We had a visiting professor Raphael Blumenfeld of Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University as an international collaboration project of University of Tsukuba (2010/2/6-3/6)

check.gif Our geotechnical engineering group has been funded by Ministry of Land, Ingrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan, for the research project on construction technology entitled " Development of an integrated system for estimating slope failure and resultant damage to housings and roads caused by earthquake or heavy rain" (Project leader: Prof. Yasuo Yamada) during 2009-2010.

check.gif Our geotechnical engineering group has been funded by JSPS as the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, type A (No.21246075) (Project leader: Prof. Yasuo Yamada, Univ. of Tsukuba) during 2009-2012.

check.gif Micro X-ray CT image of Lunar soil was used in a NHK TV program "Science ZERO". (2009/1/11)